Hello investor

Bitcoin-minning is happy and proud to inform you all about our new promo called 200-G UNION Promo Package.

Bitcoin-minning had a conference meeting on MAY 1ST 2019 and the Board of directors have approved this 200-G UNION Promo Package in order to make our investors happy and honor them for their good works in the development of the company.

How Do I Qualify for This Promo ?

In order to qualify for this promo a one time deposit of $200 will qualify you to earn an instant 200% of the deposit after confirmation.
And the initial deposit still matures to its normal maturity duration which can still be withdrawn after its period of maturity.

This package is designed for investors who can meet up with the required deposit. is reliable, trustworthy and legitimate don't hesitate to choose a plan and make an investment so you can start earning massively

For more details about this offer, kindly chat our customer support agent to detail you more.

Thanks for your cooperation